That Ultimate Online Photo Shop in Cameradojo

  • A site online that offers photography tools that professionals use
  • Reading intelligent reviews about cameras and drones for your photography
  • The pros and cons, and even the history of that particular gadget can be read in a review from

There’s a host of photography sites online that offers tools for your brand of photography. Whether you’re a landscape photographer, or someone who digs portraits for a living, you can always refer to these sites online if in case you need some updating on your craft. But none offers a more unique take than

Drone, Flight, Fly, Rotor, Aircraft is basically a digital photography school for beginners. But, surprisingly, more and more professional photographers are counting on Cameradojo as their site online every time they want improvements with their photos. An unusual thing for a site who offers tips and solutions for those who are neophytes in photography.

This is because have these practical reviews about cameras, drones, or any kind of tools that has something to do with photography. You could say that these professionals are relearning the basics of photography through Cameradojo.

The pros and cons, that feature that separates this particular gadget from the rest of its series, and even the history of that tool, are all discussed in great detail if you get a hold or two of their reviews. So if you want more information about this latest gadget in town, there’s only one site to visit online,

Camera gifts are best accompanied with the right Photoshop workflow. And you can only have that kind of combination if you go the Cameradojo way. There’s really no site online that offers you the best gifts, gadgets and workflow alike, for those who dig photography. So visit their website today.

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Don’t go offline until you have read these reviews at Check out their list of cameras and drones for the development of your photography or photography business, that is, if you have one. Their reviews are some of the best you can get online. Be an informed buyer, in the first place, and what a way to get that information for your photography than by getting it at


Wedding Digital Lightroom in Review

  • Going digital with your wedding photos through these reviews for Sleeklens
  • From that old way of editing your wedding photo to that new style of editing
  • A go-to site online when we talk about editing wedding photos

In the old days, you would usually see wedding photos in these old-fashioned albums. Today, however, wedding photos have gone digital. It is now a regular sight to see wedding photos plastered on these trendy web pages and blogging sites.


Aside from showcasing these wedding pictures on these websites, there’s also a bunch of wedding digital lightroom reviews for Sleeklens.

Yes, Sleeklens, your go-to site on the web that offers the best of these photo editing tools and products. But if you can check out these wedding digital lightroom reviews for Sleeklens, you need to start that reading habit today, because these reviews are ways and means for you to improve your wedding pictures.

That’s no hyperbole, to start with. Digital photography is no walk in the park. You have to consider the technical aspect of this genre for you to be more effective with your clients, let alone enticing to your viewers. And since these wedding digital lightroom reviews for Sleeklens offers a way out of mediocre editing, then quality is something that your viewers can expect from you.

Transform your wedding photo into this cool digital stuff. And you can start that transformation by checking in on these wedding digital lightroom reviews of Sleeklens.

You need to keep tabs with what’s latest in photography, and going for these wedding digital lightroom reviews of Sleeklens is a sure-fire way of jumpstarting that photography business of yours, something that many photographers don’t have, especially the old fashioned ones.

You’re now part of this new breed of photographers with these wedding digital lightroom reviews of Sleeklens.


Weddings with Sleeklens

  • Presets perfect for your wedding photos
  • A collection of presets that can do a variety of effects for your photos, including your wedding pics
  • Editing wedding photos depending on your style or mood from Sleeklens’ collection

Weddings are special moments that need special attention. And one of the ways of giving it special attention is in documenting it with a special photo app. That is what Sleeklens is offering for your wedding photos.

Sleeklens offers the best Lightroom presets for your wedding pics. It has a bunch of collections that cover every wedding photo you might have. A wedding Lightroom preset by Sleeklens makes for greater photo enhancing experience in the process.


A case in point is this cool Sleeklens wedding preset, Forever Thine. It has at least 112 wedding presets to offer, along with 23 wedding brushes, and is built to save you time when it comes to editing. This is one wedding Lightroom preset by Sleeklens that continues to grow in popularity because it allows you to improve your wedding photos in a variety of ways.

Give your wedding photos the necessary enhancement it deserves. And what a way to have that enhancement by using this wedding Lightroom preset by Sleeklens. As soon as you download this particular preset, your wedding pics will have its transformation from being just one of your pics into wedding masterpieces in their own right.

You can’t possibly have that with other online photography shops; only at Sleeklens will you be able to enhance your wedding pics according to your style and preference. That is how Sleeklens is revolutionizing photo editing, where you get to edit your photos after your own heart and liking. A photo that is uniquely you.

Now if you can have that effect with your wedding pics, imagine the impact it would give to your viewers. They will that that wedding pic has your personality, style and mood, all because of this wedding Lightroom preset by Sleeklens.


Downloading Lightroom for Your Photos

  • Easy photo editing using Lightroom presets
  • Diversified presets with cool features for the enhancement of your photos
  • Downloadable photo enhancing solution available online via Lightroom

Photo editing is so easy nowadays. If you can download these apps such as Lightroom, then you are on your way for a complete enhancement of your photos.

Lightroom has its presets for you to deal with photo editing, and as soon as these presets Lightroom download is complete, you can now have the enhancements that you need for your photos.

This is the best thing about Lightroom, its presets Lightroom download is so easy to perform in that it only takes a few minutes for you to have these presets. After downloading such, you can now start experimenting with it.


Collections of presets are available online. If you know a bit about photography, or design, this will put you in a position whereby you can make appropriate adjustments to your photos as soon as these presets Lightroom download has taken its course.

Having the right tools is all you need to do when it comes to photo editing. If you can have these tools, you can transform your ordinary photos into extraordinary ones, something that would perk up the imagination of your viewers, something that puts a smile on their faces. Never mind if you’re a beginner, because it you’ve become proficient with its tools, you can produce quality photos at a drop of a hat.

Make these presets Lightroom download a part of your routine of finding the right solution for your photos. It’s much more like habit-forming, to say the least. Make it a habit to download and use these presets for your photos.

Lightroom is the secret behind every easy photo editing. Other photographers or designers may not admit it, but it is the tool they’re using every time they enhance their photos. It is no secret, however, that Lightroom can transform your dull, boring, lifeless pictures into colorful and exciting photo images.


Photo Enhancing the Street and the City

  • Photo editing tools that highlight the city and street actions around
  • Exploring the busy streets of the city, the comings and goings of people as subjects for your urban photography
  • Becoming an expert photographer on street life

There are a lot of subjects out there. And that makes the art of photography so interesting because you can literally pick any subject you like. If you are living in an urban area, for instance, that makes you even more at an advantage since you can have the city and street actions you can use as photo subjects.

pYes, if you choose the city and street actions as your main photography dish, you are in for a treat. If you would notice, many of the photographs used by designers online are subjects and situations from a particular city and street actions out there.

Photography is dynamic. You can make a subject out of an ordinary subject on the street and still generate a profound effect on your viewers. As long as you can handle your photography equipment quite well, with the appropriate editing tools, you can make tons of effects with that city and street actions you have.

So if you are serious about becoming a professional photographer or a top-notch designer, this city and street actions just outside your door are things that you need to pursue and improve upon in order for you to churn out good and quality photos.

Explore the tenements, the busy intersections, the colorful characters roaming around the streets and even the foggy atmosphere just outside your windowpane. All these are perfect subjects of this city and street actions for your urban photography.

You can even make a series of photos that show the drama, the comings and goings on a busy city street, which most of the time tells an interesting story if captured on film. Plus, you can use photo-editing solutions, creating your photo images like that of moving pictures.

So it is literally yours for the taking if you have this city and street actions as your subjects for your type of photography. And you can always expect quality photos out of it.


Lightroom for Photographers

camera233Adobe Lightroom is basically one of the finest post processing tools in the photo editing industry next to Adobe Photoshop. Basically, the program is not limited to image editing alone, it also has the capacity to manage and organize images within LR’s interface. Adobe has created Lightroom to help professional photographers speed up their editing process. I have been using Lightroom for years and I realize that Lightroom is indeed a unique tool that is incomparable to Photoshop, Elements or other software.

In this article, we will talk about why you should use Lightroom.

Simplified Editing Controls

With Adobe Lightroom, you don’t have to worry about the sliders and other controls. Adobe made everything easier for you to have a smooth sailing editing workflow. Whether your modifying images on your desktop, laptop or mobile devices, you will definitely have the same results.

Saves Time, Money and Effort

With the use of Lightroom filters, you can be spared from spending too much of your time and effort in editing your images. Lightroom was built so that photographers can balance their time between editing thousands of images in a day and taking more pictures for their respective clients. Moreover, what I love about Lightroom is that it helps me decide which Lightroom filters to use, what control keys to generate and how to organize my images in one folder collection.

Essentially, you can make several editing tasks in Lightroom within a short period of time, especially when using Lightroom presets since it can be applied to one or more image files in just a few clicks.

Lightroom might not be perfect, but for me, it is the best tool for editing massive numbers of images. Aside from the fact that it is good in modifying images, the program is also good in other stuffs such as organizing images, slide show creation, geo-tagging and more.


Advantages of Using Adobe Lightroom

We all know that Adobe Lightroom is the best photo editing tool in the industry, so in this article, we will give you some of the best advantages of the program.


Lightroom helps you save more desktop’s drive space

When you process or modify any file in Lightroom, the changes you’ve made are automatically saved in the Catalog or in the library module. In addition, these files will take up a little bit of Lightroom’s storage.

Lightroom allows you to view your files in one collection

As you import different images, styles and designs to Lightroom’s Catalog, it is possible for you to view all of your images since everything is stored in the library module.

Lightroom has a quick search options

Again, Lightroom is a complete database, it is built to import, export, modify and organize images. It also lets you search on to current and missing files.

Lightroom is a good photo management tool

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with hundreds and thousands of images, Lightroom is the best tool to organize your images and store it in one collection.

Lightroom allows you to create collections of presets

Presets are the heart and soul of Lightroom. It helps you save time and effort since all you have to do is to create, save and apply it to one or more of your images. In addition, downloading and installing Lightroom presets made easier in the latest version.

Comparing Lightroom and Photoshop

What’s the difference between the two of the most influential software? Actually, there’s a lot of difference. Photoshop is for people who want to focus on details while Lightroom is for quick photo editing and management.

Lightroom has presets while Photoshop has actions. Installing Lightroom presets are more convenient than creating a step by step actions.


Photoshop Actions Quick Overview

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial will help you make and install Photoshop actions. In addition, this article/tutorial will talk about some of the benefits of using creative and neat actions to wedding and portrait images.

pic6What Is Adobe Photoshop Action?

According to experts, Photoshop action is a series of recorded editing step by step process that can be replayed and applied to images in the actions palette. Actions are modifiable and reusable and can be used to several images at once. Photoshop actions are the best way to help you speed up the process, thus helping you save a lot of time doing manual editing.

You have the freedom to create your own set of Photoshop actions or download free photoshop action online. Actions can either be a black and white process, or HDR effect.

Why is it called Creative Actions?

Creative actions basically produce wonderful color tones or other amazing color combination effects. It contains several and long editing steps that can be applied to special images.

Most professional photographers prefers creating their own actions because they can do whatever they want in it. I guess that is one of the greatest advantages of Photoshop actions, it offers a lot of ways for us to have a good quality image.



A Quick Look into Lightroom Fanatic

Anyone who digs photos will come across Lightroom fanatic soon. In fact, Lightroom fanatic is the in thing for your photo enhancing needs. It is a photo app that covers all enhancements as far as photos go, from its presets to brushes, it has all the tools for a more satisfying photo experience.

LR27There are so many free Lightroom fanatic presets online. And it comes with different features, regardless of the effect you want to have with your photos, it has a wide array of presets that come in bundles so you can experiment the style, mood and even the hue of your photo image.

Professional photographers too use Lightroom fanatic as a way of improving the quality of their actioncamera photos. Not only that, these free Lightroom fanatic presets have special features for every occasion, from birthday parties to wedding, to landscape shots to portrait, it covers everything.

Brushes bring in a different feel to your photos. They do have similar features with presets but brushes have specific functions that they even enhance the minute details of a particular photo image. They intensify prominent aspects of a picture to make it more pronounced, like retouching the texture of a face or the ruggedness of a landscape image.

Or, as in the case of these images that resemble that of magazine covers, Lightroom fanatic can outdo the said magazine work and can add an interactive feel to it. So detailed is the enhancement that these images looked more like real persons and places at the other end of these photos.

Download these free Lightroom fanatic presets now and experience photo enhancing at the tip of your fingers. Out of this cool collection of presets, it is now safe to say that you are a professional photographer in your own right.

It is not something that you brag about, it is something that you have, Lightroom fanatic is not just your ordinary photo tool; it becomes a part of you, a part of your personality and the way you present yourself.


How to Convert Black & White in Lightroom?

We are in an era where our cameras are built and designed to capture the right color and tones. So why do we still use black and white themes and presets? Retro, classic or vintage. Basically, this is how we describe the aura of black and white images. We are used to apply this type of filter all the time because it looks classy too.

121In Adobe Lightroom, transforming an ordinary and raw photo from color tone to black and white is very simple and easy. You just have to drag the necessary sliders to the left and that’s it.

In this article, we will give you an idea on how to convert black and white images in Lightroom. If you choose the black and white panel in the develop module, Lightroom will automatically convert the image to grayscale.

Moreover, there are several ways to convert an image into black and white. But the most convenient way to do it is to create a black and white presets. Aside from the fact that it will help you save time and effort in modifying images, it will also give you more time in making minor adjustment to it. In any case that you’re not satisfied with your images, Adobe Lightroom will use its own preference to guide and evaluate your work. If it lacks some adjustments, the program will do that automatically for you.

As you can see, Adobe Lightroom does a pretty good job in providing you several ways of how to process and convert black and white images. From creating your own personalized lightroom presets to converting it manually, you can control the program anytime you want.

On the other hand, if you have limited time and resources of preset, you can always seek help online. There are a lot of black and white lightroom presets available for free and paid. All you have to do is to choose the best bundles.