Presets and Brushes for Your Online Image

Photo enhancement has come a long way. You would not think that a simple photo posted online is a work of a professional, only to find out that it came from a mere social media user. The way photos are presented lately online has all the makings of a finely crafted image in a studio from a seasoned photographer. They are, in fact, enhanced in the comfort of one’s living room from an ordinary blogger. By the looks of it, it is unprecedented.
That is that advantage of having Lightroom as your photo-enhancing tool. Lightroom (LR) is a photo app that can literally enhance your photo image in so many ways. It has all the ingredients for your food photo online, or the missing piece for that portrait you wanted to share to your friends. Lightroom is the answer to your photo needs.

LR2It has a list of different presets and brushes online. Presets are Lightroom programs that you can use for your photos, depending on the effect you wanted to pursue with your images. Brushes, on the other hand, are LR tools you can use for those minute details of your photo image, doing specific changes and enhancements for additional effect.

You can choose from a wide variety of LR presets and brushes on the web. If you wanted a hazier feel to your landscape shot, or employing a vintage look of that family gathering you just took a photo with, these Lightroom presets and brushes will deliver it for you.

You can buy or download free these LR presets and brushes, too. So convenient, you need not worry anymore what to do with your mediocre shots from your camera, Lightroom will take care of it. It has the tools to improve even the texture of the said image, making it more like a shot from a professional photographer.
It brings to life a potentially flat photo image. You can even compartmentalize these said photos into a folder, so you can make a portfolio out of it. Lightroom is making photo enhancing accessible and manageable to everyone, even if you’re not a true blue photographer.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC: