Photoshop Actions Quick Overview

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial will help you make and install Photoshop actions. In addition, this article/tutorial will talk about some of the benefits of using creative and neat actions to wedding and portrait images.

pic6What Is Adobe Photoshop Action?

According to experts, Photoshop action is a series of recorded editing step by step process that can be replayed and applied to images in the actions palette. Actions are modifiable and reusable and can be used to several images at once. Photoshop actions are the best way to help you speed up the process, thus helping you save a lot of time doing manual editing.

You have the freedom to create your own set of Photoshop actions or download free photoshop action online. Actions can either be a black and white process, or HDR effect.

Why is it called Creative Actions?

Creative actions basically produce wonderful color tones or other amazing color combination effects. It contains several and long editing steps that can be applied to special images.

Most professional photographers prefers creating their own actions because they can do whatever they want in it. I guess that is one of the greatest advantages of Photoshop actions, it offers a lot of ways for us to have a good quality image.